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Application Support and Maintenance Process (Support Level)

Application Support and Maintenance – Support Level Application Support & Maintenance is a service provided in the organization for the custom application, live in a production environment. We may refer it as production support as well. It is important to understand the requirement of Application Support and Maintenance – Support Level before designing the support service for an application. Application/Production support is

Application Support & Maintenance project planning and initiation

Application Support & maintenance project planning and initiation. There are various parameters which should be considered before starting the project in Application Support. Application Support & Maintenance project planning and initiation phase requires evaluation of certain parameters to determine the number and level of resources, Support coverage hours and the SLA (Service level Agreement): Overview of the application

What is Application Support and Maintenance Service

What is application support and maintenance service? What are the attributes required for support analyst job? Let us first understand Application Support (Application Management services) delivered in an organization. Application support and Maintenance service: Also known as Production Support delivered in an organization for the custom application. Employees of the organization use the application to execute