Top 5 characters in The Kapil Sharma Show

The Kapil Sharma Show television series is stand-up comedy and talk show. The show is based on a theme of a society (Shantivan Non-Cooperative Society) consists of a house of Kapil Sharma, a hospital and a tea shop. The comedy series has picked up its pace after a slow start with great content and better script.
According to me, here are the five top comical characters you must watch and they are bound to entertain you when they come on screen.

Sunil Grover as Dr. Mashoor Gulati in The Kapil Sharma Show

Mashoor Gulati in The Kapil Sharma Show

Sunil Grover is playing the character of Dr. Mashoor Gulati. Sunil portrays the character of a funny doctor with a sense of humor. It tickles your funny bone as soon as he comes on stage. He has some unique ways of introducing himself every time with some acronyms of his degree which he explains humorously upon asked by Kapil Sharma.

He also reacts with hilarious punch lines when Kapil comments on something. Dr. Mashoor Gulati also performs tests on the guests with funny terms and methods.

Salary/Income: Sunil Grover charges 10-12 lakhs Rupess per episode. (Source:DNA)

Asgar Ali as Begum Lucchi in The Kapil Sharma Show

Beghum in The Kapil Sharma Show

Ali Asgar is playing the characters of Begum Lucchi and Kapil’s Grand Mother in The Kapil Sharma Show. His best character in the show comes out as Begum Lucchi. The trademark style of Begum’s Sher-o-Shayari and trying to seduce the guest of the show makes us laugh instantaneously. Begum’s typical Lucknavi dress and dance is very entertaining. Beghum’s appearance in the show increases the entertainment level of the show.

Salary/Income: Ali Asgar charges 5-7 lakhs Rupees per episode. (Source:DNA)

Kiku Sharda as Santosh Devi in The Kapil Sharma Show

Santosh in Kapil Sharma Show

Santosh’s appearance on the show starts by throwing the cycle instead of putting up on the stand. She will make innocent face when someone cracks a joke on her figure or face. Her style of dancing is a hit and entertains us every time. She dreams to marry with guest of the show and proposes all the time.

Salary/Income: Kiku Sharda charges 5-7 lakhs Rupees per episode. (Source:DNA)

Kapil Sharma  as Kappu Sharma, Siti Cable Anchor in The Kapil Sharma Show

Kappu in The Kapil Sharma Show

There is a part of the show when guests of the show and the different characters of the show participate in a talk show on Siti Cable hosted by Kappu Sharma. Kapil can be seen whistling and asking funny questions. Best part of this section is when they try to come out of the TV and fight with each other during discussions.

Salary/Income: Kapil Sharma takes home 60-80 lakhs Rupees per episode. (Source:DNA)

According to ‘The Indian Express’ Kapil Sharma has signed a new contract with Sony for Rs. 110 crore for a year.

Sunil Grover as Rinku Bhabhi in The Kapil Sharma Show

Sunil Grover as Rinku in The Kapil Sharma show

Rinku Devi – Santosh Devi pair is a hit with Kapil Sharma Live. They are at their best performing together in a comedy show. Far better than Gutthi and Palak in Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Her dressing style and dialog delivery steals the show.

Kapil Sharma as Rajesh Arora

kapil sharma as rajesh arora

Newly introduced character Rajesh Arora is inspired by his friend RJ Naved of Radio Mirchi Murgha, “Aap mujhe bilkul pasand nahin aaye”.  Kapil Sharma as Rajesh Arora will insult everyone and make fun of their face. This character of Kapil Sharma has started to gain popularity and we really love it.

Watch it on The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony TV every Saturday and Sunday at 9PM.

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