How to connect OnePlus Three to pc

How to connect OnePlus Three to Computer or Laptop?

Are you facing problem in connecting your OnePlus Three to your PC or Laptop through USB port? Is your PC not detecting your OnePlus Three after connecting to USB port? Are you facing problem in transferring files from PC to OnePlus Three even after installing the drivers?

OnePlus 3

Connecting OnePlus Three through USB cable to PC will not start in file transfer mode. By default it will be connected in charging mode.

How to connect OnePlus Three to Computer or Laptop

Here are the steps/solution:

  • Connect your OnePlus to PC using USB cable
  • Go to the notification window by swiping it down
  • You will see USB for charging “Touch for more options”

oneplus3 Charging notification

  • Touch to view options
  • Select “File Transfers” option

More options for file transfer

  • Your PC will detect your phone and start installing required drivers to initiate file transfer.
How to wirelessly share or transfer files on your mobile device:

Apart from using cable to transfer files from one mobile device to another mobile device or PC, you can transfer files wirelessly using mobile app and software on your PC.

I have been using SHAREit for a long time and found it very effective and easy to use:

SHAREit Logo


Download SHAREit software for your PC

Download SHAREit app for your mobile device


After installing the app on your PC and Mobile device, launch SHAREit on PC and mobile device.

You will see the following screen of SHAREit on your PC ready to connect to a mobile device.


SHAREit searching


The software uses the Wi-Fi of your device to connect to other device. you can also scan QR code to connect to other device. Below are few screenshots of mobile device showing different ways to connect.


SHAREit on mobile


SHAREit on mobile


SHAREit on mobile


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