Kumaon – Binsar trip Dalar village homestay experience

Binsar is a Wildlife Sanctuary near Almora in Uttarakhand. It is the heaven for bird watchers. There is no doubt about it.

My trip to Binsar (Kumaon-Uttarakhand), Dalar Village home-stay experience.

Himalayan range view from Binsar Dalar Village

For me, I always dreamt the real Himalaya and of being there. From the top of Binsar hill, we can see the mountains of Nanda Devi, Trisul, Panchacholi, Shivling and Kedarnath Peak. But wait, There is more.

How to get there (Binsar, Dalar Village)

I started my journey from New Delhi (Capital of India). You can reach Binsar from Delhi by taking a train from Delhi to Kathgodam. From Kathgodam, we can either book a taxi directly for Binsar (should take around ₹ 2500 INR) or get a shared taxi for Almora (will take ₹ 250 INR). From Almora, we can take a taxi to Binsar (₹ 1000 INR will be good).

Accommodation – home-stay in Binsar

I have already had planned to stay in a village (Name: Dalar) this time instead of some resort or guesthouse by KMVN (Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam). The place I was supposed to stay in the village was taken care by a family from the village itself.

Trail leading to Dalar Village - Binsar

There was a walk of three KMs from the road to the Dalar village. One of the family members helped me with my baggage. Once I reached the village, I found out there were four families living in the village. Quietude and greenery all around have overwhelmed me. It felt like I was in heaven. the cost of staying in this heaven including food was INR 2000 per day for two-room guesthouse. Is not that cheap for a place like this. No doubt about it.

After the all night journey, I was tired. I went to the place where I had to stay and of course I got freshen up as the first thing.

I was feeling tired and sleepy before, but the place was so beautiful that I was not wanting to waste even a single moment sleeping.

 View from village accommodation


Preparation for the stay

By now, we know that the place was 30 Kilometers away from near market. The place where we can have our meal was from my host from the village. Therefore, it is very much advisable to take the maximum amount of desired food items as possible. For me it was some light snacks and many fruits. The meal given by the family will be the same what they themselves eat. So I can guarantee about the freshness and health of the food provided. Simply awesome, and all organic.

Wildlife at Binsar

What is in the name of Wildlife? Well, that depends upon your perseverance of wanting to find something or mere luck. For me it was mere luck. I was just sitting on my terrace and what I saw was a deer. Not that difficult you see. They say they have seen leopards too.

Binsar Forest

However, the most mesmerizing part for me was something that I was expecting from Binsar. Birds! I have never seen such a variety of beautiful birds in one place. They were everywhere and the beautiful sound that they were making is still echoing in my ears.

Breathtaking views at Binsar – Dalar Village

View from Binsar Village

Binsar View from Dalar Village

Breathtaking view from Binsar Village Homestay

For me there is one more thing that I found awesome there was getting to know the family who were hosting. I find myself lucky that they let me live for four days as part of their family and let me enjoy my time with their kids. I was feeling right at home. Sometimes I had a conflict inside me as who is having a better life. People living in cities or these villagers living in scarcity with those material things that can be bought for money. the answer was very clear though.

I stayed there for four days and I had forgotten the entire world around me as if it never existed. For me the use of my mobile has only one purpose and that was as a camera.

I use to go for a walk in the evening and it was beauty all around. Once I visited the school having only seven students.

Overall experience

Four days I stayed there and my routine included bird watching, listening to the silence, watching clouds below me and eating healthy food. Sometimes it was misty all around me including my room just later to be found out I was living within the clouds…Just heard in the poems I guess. Seeing in believing. Dalar, Binsar (Uttarakhand) according to me should be in anyone’s bucket list.

While being there, do not forget to go to the top of Binsar hill and see the mesmerizing view of the mountain range of Nanda Devi.

Hope you liked the article. Post your comment and let me know your plan to visit Binsar. Let me know if you need the contact numbers.

Our vLog of Village Homestay in Binsar wildlife sanctuary.

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