Top 5 qualities of Narendra Modi

It is the below quote by Abraham Lincoln which inspires us to look up to Narendra Modi. The man is an inspiration not because he is from some religion or party; he is an inspiration because he stands right.


“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong” —–Abraham Lincoln


Here are the top qualities of Narendra Modi.


Narendra Modi the nationalist

One of the top qualities of Narendra Modi is that He is a true nationalist. His love for India and for the citizen of India is not hidden. It indeed takes courage for someone to sacrifice his life for the cause of a nation and its people. How easy it is to have a family and enjoy the earthly pleasure, but he chose not to. He dedicated his whole life to make the lives of Indians happier by giving up the earthly pleasure which everyone else craves for.


Narendra Modi the speaker, orator

Being a great orator is not just about making fancy speeches. It must have a foundation of being a great learner and a good listener first. Narendra Modi possesses all of it. His speeches are backed by immense knowledge and experience that one accrue during the course of a life time full of learning. It is for sure that he had been a good listener once upon a time as it is a very basic criterion for being a great orator.
One more thing to be added here about his speeches. Narendra Modi’s speeches are spontaneous and impromptu. To speak and not to think much about what you speak is only possible when you speak the Truth. And this is the most amazing part of his oratory skills that we like the most.


Narendra Modi Workaholic

We all know that Narendra Modi is a dedicated, hardworking and sincere person when it comes to work and he works 18 hours a day.
He understands every minute detail of a work that needs to be done. Interesting is the way he follows any project till in reaches its conclusion and that he does by follow up meetings. This is one thing that lacks in both politicians and bureaucrats in India. In the past, there were projects in the news and they never completed or took ages to finish. But not when Mr. Narendra Modi is involved and he makes sure to be involved in everything. That creates the magic.

To sum it up, Narendra Modi is a person who first make a statement and then he makes it true by his will, devotion and of course hard work.

Great Leader:

Narendra Modi the Leader

A great leader is someone who leads from the front. Narendra Modi is an epitome of that. Just saying I dreamt of Swachh Bharat was never enough for him, rather he started doing it by himself and making an example of it. When we have some garbage in our hand that we need to throw, we suddenly remember his Swachh Bharat Mission and next thing we start looking for a garbage bin. That is how a leader inspires his followers. We gave up our subsidy of LPG not just by his request, but because we know that most of his salaries and gifts go into charity. That is how a leader inspires his followers. He wants people to work hard and work sincerely. He does it by not making any statement, but by doing it himself and making an example out of it.

Dream of Digital India :

Digital India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Use of technology, Be it during the election or after taking over as India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi understands the importance of technology very well.
He always keeps in touch with people through various social media platforms and keeps everyone updated on his thoughts and plans. (Though, He never forgets about people who do not have access to technology and keeps in touch with them through a radio program called ‘Mann Ki Baat’.
Speed of development can be accelerated by the use of technology. The e-Governance program of government of India has done so much in his tenure as the Prime Minister.
Most government departments and its service are available to citizens online. Mr. Narendra Modi is doing everything to make his digital India dream a success.

These are the top qualities of Narendra Modi along with many more.

Please comment below and tell us what qualities in Mr. Narendra Modi you like the most.



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