Amazon Kindle Paperwhite unboxing and review india

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite unboxing and review India 2016

Hi friends, This is about the “All-New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite” ebook reader. I know you are excited about reading this. I was also really excited when I ordered my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. So, here we go. Let’s do the unboxing of the package just arrived and then review the Kindle Paperwhite with technical specification.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite arrived in a safe packaging with the in-transit caution on its battery inside :

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite arrived

The Unboxing:

I also want to tell you that many times you will notice that whenever we are opening a packaging it’s a lot of frustration about opening the pack, but in the Kindle packaging its way easy you just have to tear a paper tab and that’s it. We can read on the box its written “FRUSTRATION FREE PACKAGING”.

kindle paperwhite frustration free packaging

When we open the box the first thing we come across is the Kindle Paperwhite itself.

kindle paperwhite out of the box


kindle paper white charging cable

The kindle Paperwhite doesn’t come with a charging adapter like phones and tablets and it only comes with a USB cable so you have to connect it to the computer or you can buy an adapter separately.

It charges fully in 4 hours and a fully charged battery can last up to six weeks based on half hour of use per day and light setting at 10 AND the wireless has to be off.

Ah, so many conditions, but sorry we can’t do anything about that for the love of the Kindle.

When we take a first look at the Kindle we can see that there is an image of the Kindle and the USB port and power switch. There are instructions written in many languages.

unboxing amazon kindle paperwhite

There is a button for on and off and a USB charging port at the bottom.

The kindle Paperwhite is made up of Carta e-paper technology and it also has built-in light.

The basic Kindle doesn’t have the built in light technology. It has a resolution of 300 ppi, it weighs 205 g but the wifi + 3G weighs 217 g so it means that it is light. If they really want to make the Kindle like a book they have to make it light.

Setup the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite:

You can personalize your Kindle using the settings menu using various available options. You need to Provide a name of the device and set up WiFi on first use.


Kindle Paperwhite settings

Kindle Paperwhite settings

Kindle paperwhite settings


Amazon Kindle paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite technical specifications:

  • Display: 6″ Paperwhite display, Built-in light, 300 ppi
  • Size : 169 mm x 117 mm x 9.1 mm
  • Weight: 205 grams
  • Fully wireless and doesn’t require a computer to download content (WiFi supported)
  • Storage : 4 GB, Free cloud storage
  • battery Life: A single charge lasts up to six weeks, based on half an hour of reading per day with wireless off and medium light setting. Battery life will vary based on light and wireless usage
  • Charge time : 4 hours (or less)
  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Included in the box: Kindle Paperwhite, Quick start guide and USB charger (adapter to be bought separately or to be connected to computer for charging).



My experience with Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (The review):

  • High resolution display and built-in light

    Better than the previous version of Kindle, one can experience crisp display for a great reading experience, Built in light helps in reading the books in darkness without putting too much strain on the eyes.

  • Light Weight

    The kindle Paperwhite feels very comfortable while holding and also feels light as a book.

  • Easy to use

    Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is very easy to use. You don’t have to bookmark at any time. Whenever you will open the book, It will start from the place where you left the book off. It is easy to buy and purchase books in it   and doesn’t require a laptop to download the content.

  • Storage

    The Kindle ebook reader has 4 GB of storage space and can hold 1,100 books. You also get cloud storage to store your books. Kindle will sync your device with cloud storage.

  • Battery Life

    Battery of Kindle Paperwhite can last up to six weeks as per specification provided you use it half hours a day with back light setting to medium and WiFi turned off.

  • Anti glare, read your book undisturbed

    You can read books comfortably even in bright sunlight due to its anti glare feature. This feature sets it apart from Mobiles and Tablets. You also don’t get notification and alerts like Mobile phones. You can read the book without getting disturbed.

  • language improvement

    You can improve English language by understanding the meaning and the usage of new words using the Wordwise application in the Kindle.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Amazon Kindle Paperwhite:

Question: Does Kindle Paperwhite support different viewing mode?

Answer: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite supports both landscape and portrait mode. This will not auto rotate. You need to manually change the viewing orientation in setting.

Question: Is it possible to transfer e-books from Computer or Laptop

Answer: Yes, You can transfer e-books from Computer or Laptop to read on your Kindle device. The transferred e-books will not sync to the cloud storage.

Question: Does Amazon Kindle Paperwhite support, expandable Memory.

Answer: No, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t support expandable memory. It has inbuilt memory which can be used to store thousands of books as mentioned above in the article.

Question: Is it possible to share e-books between two Kindle devices.

Answer: You can share e-books between devices only if you are using the same user ID in both the devices. You can even share e-books between Kindle devices and Kindle applications available for Android.

Question: What happens to the highlighted text and Word meanings during book reading?

Answer: Highlighted texts get stored in another text file and Words are stored in vocabulary section for future references.

Question: Does Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has a web browser?

Answer: Yes, It has a web browser called experimental Web browser. You can use it only to read news or blogs on the web. You can use it for the websites which has mostly text. Experience of a website with a lot of graphics and colors will be very poor on the Kindle web browser.
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