Google Pixel phone – all you need to know

Google Pixel phone – all you need to know

Google Pixel Phone

Google is predominant in the internet technology space. Considering the internet is now synonyms with smart phone or mobile, it is really not far-fetched for Google to enter the market. And the initial reports suggested so-with people admiring the Google hardware. Yet, the smart phone market is scattered and cluttered. There are so many brands, that there is few of them becoming a choice only for some. Yet, anybody who is familiar with the online world (and we now are), will have some curiosity to know about Google Pixel phone. Of course, there are many android users everywhere, and Google is at the helm of this software space. Technology enthusiasts and gadget freak are always excited about-the next Google smart phone launch.

The latest in the series is Google Pixel phone, launched in October 2016. Much has been written about the review of the phone, in comparison to iPhone, Samsung, and other high-end editions. It is the first phone from the American company stable to be completely designed and manufactured by it.

We help you understand this Google product better.

Specification highlights?

5’ inch screen display, 1.6 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, 12.3 Mega-pixel rear camera, 8 Mega-pixel for front shoots, day-long battery life

What to expect?

  • A fast processor, to enable the user with faster downloads. So look forward to being empowered with ability to browse faster, sharper screen display, and no hang-ups

Qualcomm Processor

  • Good quality cameras, means neater captures. Be ready to capture family portraits on any trips, perfect landscape shots, and definitely, high outcome selfie shots
  • Right frame means it is easy to hold, easy to pocket, and not to be stuffed inside the bag. It measures 143.80 x 69.50 x 8.60 (height x width x thickness) and weighs 143.00 grams.
  • Screen display is 5 inch phablet size display. You can read, write, watch videos, on this larger screen display then your regular smart phone
  • Pixel density is 534 ppi. This compliments the large screen size. Your personal pics will not be grainy, and every shot will be a bigger delight to watch
  • AMOLED is the display type. With AMOLED screen, expect every image on your phone come to life. The colors will be vivid, vibrant, and contrasts are truly amazing. The visual experience of every color emitting its own natural light is worth something

Google Pixel Phone - Smarter Photos

  • Faster charging is another feature to bank on. A 15-minute charge will last up to 7 hours. This is definitely a worthy feature for people who are always mobile

Google Pixel Phone - Fast Charging

  • Fingerprint sensor to keep you phone personal is another feature. The sensor is on the back of your phone, giving it its own designed feature
  • Google assistant is also included in this edition. Use it to experience this add-on feature, available on Google Pixel only

Your own Google™ Assistant

  • Android 7.1 Nougat is the latest software from the Android stable. Obviously, this is an exclusive feature of Google first branded smart phone.  

Tip: Compare the price, and chose the phone over its competitors.

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