6 reasons you should keep Spitz as a pet

We own a Spitz female. Her name is Winnie and we love her a lot. We are lucky to have a pet like Winnie. Based on my own experience wanted to share why you should have a Spitz as Pet. 6 Reasons:You should have Spitz as a pet.

Tal Chhapar – Raptor’s Paradise (India)

Tal Chhapar, The land of Blackbuck and a paradise of raptors who stay here during the migration and feed on Spiny-tailed lizards, Desert jird and Locusts.

What is Application Support and Maintenance Service

What is application support and maintenance service? What are the attributes required for support analyst job? Let us first understand Application Support (Application Management services) delivered in an organization. Application support and Maintenance service: Also known as Production Support delivered in an organization for the custom application. Employees of the organization use the application to execute

Explaining Blockchain Capital’s Big Bet on an Eyeball-Scanning Orb

This week, Worldcoin, an outfit that aims to serve as proof of personhood in a world where it’s harder by the day to distinguish a human from a bot, raised $115 million in Series C funding. Led by the 10-year-old venture firm Blockchain Capital, whose bets have included Coinbase, Kraken and OpenSea, the investment brings

The best soundproof curtains of 2023

The right curtains can reduce distractions to help you focus or get some rest. And, they can even save you money on your energy bill.

TechCrunch+ roundup: South Korea investor survey, 1-hour board meetings, venture leasing basics

After sales software startup TigerEye closed its Series A and established a board of directors, its co-founders put them on notice: One thing we’d like to never do is the three-hour, too-in-the-weeds, non-strategic board meeting. “Every board deck I’ve made and seen is more than 80 pages long,” says Tracy Young, co-founder and CEO of

TikTok is testing an in-app AI chatbot with some users

TikTok is working on its own AI chatbot. Here’s what you need to know.

Phone makers are quietly ruining the power button. Here’s how to take back control

Apple, Samsung, Google — they’re all guilty of doing it.

This Apple patent filing could help solve a problem many Apple Pencil users have

Apple Pencils are popular among iPad users, but they are really easy to misplace. Now it looks like Apple hopes to change that.

What is a Venmo Teen account? Here’s what parents and teens need to know

Teens want a sense of financial independence, and parents want to keep tabs on their kids’ finances. With Venmo Teen, both are possible.

Daylight’s sunset and Meta’s year of focus

 Hello, and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Mary Ann and Alex were a dynamic duo this week, taking on a blizzard of tech news, startup updates, and questions that linger over hundreds of billions of dollars worth of venture capital investments.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Faye’s $10M Series A deck

A year ago, Mike Butcher reported that Faye hopes to do for travel insurance what Lemonade did for general insurance, and that’s as good a summary of what Faye does as anything. The company was kind enough to share its (lightly redacted) pitch deck with me so I could take a look under the hood

How to easily toggle MacOS Stage Manager on and off for maximum efficiency

MacOS Stage Manager is a great way to multitask, but it’s not ideal for every situation. Find out how you can quickly enable and disable the feature.
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