6 reasons you should keep Spitz as a pet

We own a Spitz female. Her name is Winnie and we love her a lot. We are lucky to have a pet like Winnie. Based on my own experience wanted to share why you should have a Spitz as Pet. 6 Reasons:You should have Spitz as a pet.

Tal Chhapar – Raptor’s Paradise (India)

Tal Chhapar, The land of Blackbuck and a paradise of raptors who stay here during the migration and feed on Spiny-tailed lizards, Desert jird and Locusts.

What is Application Support and Maintenance Service

What is application support and maintenance service? What are the attributes required for support analyst job? Let us first understand Application Support (Application Management services) delivered in an organization. Application support and Maintenance service: Also known as Production Support delivered in an organization for the custom application. Employees of the organization use the application to execute

AI has caused a renaissance of tech industry R&D, says Meta’s chief AI scientist

There are many promising commercial applications already that may lead to productivity increases, but, ultimately, AI must develop an ability to plan if it is to truly advance, says Yann LeCun.

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 release date and what to know

Click back here for updates as we learn more about Samsung’s upcoming family of flagship smartphones.

This must-have screwdriver has two cool hidden tricks

The screwdriver to rule them all!

This Asus gaming laptop is less than $500 at Best Buy

Chromebooks typically aren’t made for gaming purposes. This ASUS Cloud Gaming Chromebook proves that statement false, all while seeing a $200 discount.

Raylo raises $136M to build out its gadget lease-and-reuse ‘fintech’ platform

With the economy teetering on recession, and sales of mobile phones and other consumer electronics slowing right down globally, a U.K. startup called Raylo that’s leaning into both of those themes has picked up £110 million ($136 million) to grow its business, offering consumers access to new gadgets by way of short-term leases. The London-based

Board changes could signal Salesforce’s willingness to appease activist investors

A week ago activist investor Elliott Management announced it had made a multibillion-dollar investment in Salesforce. By Friday, the company announced it was bringing in three new board members, and The Wall Street Journal was reporting that Elliott planned to nominate its own slate of directors. According to people familiar with the situation, that Wall

Amazon will soon start charging delivery fees on Fresh grocery orders under $150

Amazon is going to start charging delivery fees for Fresh grocery orders that are under $150, the company said in an email to Prime members. Prior to this change, Amazon offered Prime members free grocery deliveries on orders above $35. The company says the move will keep prices low on its services. With this new

Jump on our limited two-for-one Disrupt 2023 presale offer

Nothing wrong with your calendar, folks — it’s the end of January. Although TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 takes place months from now — on September 19–21 in San Francisco — we believe in two things: planning ahead and rewarding those who do. Right now — and for a limited time only — take advantage of our

It’s time to cast your votes for TC Early Stage Audience Choice

A not-so-humble brag here, so brace yourself. The programming at TechCrunch Early Stage — April 20 in Boston, Massachusetts — is gonna be off the proverbial hook. How do we know? We read hundreds of applications from experienced founders and startup ecosystem experts eager to participate in Audience Choice for a chance to present at

Quantum sensing startup Q-CTRL raises another $27.4M

Two quantum-adjacent technologies — quantum sensing (QS) and quantum communication (Qcomm) — are as important as quantum computing hardware itself since they help make quantum computers function more accurately.  A Sydney-based startup called Q-CTRL has built quantum-sensing software that helps reduce errors on quantum computers. Today, the company announced that it has raised another $27.4
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